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"As we move through life, experiences of all types arise and fall away moment by moment. When experiences do not properly fall away they can become emotionally repressed within the mind and body. This creates a series of physical and emotional situations, all of which can be mended through proper methods to reveal  and work with these once buried memories and there accompanying emotions. The result is learning how to live with more ease and fulfilment."

"It is from today that we see our yesterdays and tomorrows. It is from this present moment that we create our future moments".

Shane Wilson 

Pastoral Counselor, Grief Recovery Specialist, Meditation Teacher and Author, Subconscious Intervention Therapist

Shane Wilson began teaching meditation and its  related modalities over 30 years ago. In 2001 He opened the Meditation Learning Center in Mesa Arizona offering: counseling, meditation coaching opportunities.


Listed in “Psychology Today”Shane specializes in teaching and using Meditation/Mindfulness techniques as well as the modalities of Subconscious Intervention and / or Grief Recovery.


He is the author of two books "Meditation, The Great Teacher" and "Minding the Breath". Shane believes that life's difficulties stem from suppressed and repressed emotions, and that the healing process starts when we begin to use the tools available to discover these deeply buried emotions and then work at exposing and removing them. Shane's work is to share and make these tools more readily available. 

Working in the following areas:

Shane works with those that wish to feel more connected and complete with life.The work he does involves access to the subconscious mind and  can result in relief from: Grief (loss) recovery, finding spiritual fulfillment, past life regression, concentration difficulties, accomplishment of goals, anger management, anxiety control, boundaries, confidence, control issues, creativity enhancement, depression, fears of all types, anger, forgiveness of self and others,  goal setting, insomnia, insecurity,  jealousy, loss in relationships, memory enhancing, motivation, organization, pain control, peak performance, procrastination, relaxation, self esteem, sensitivity, empathic tendencies, success motivation, time management,  restlessness and worry, and awakening integration.


"Whatever challenge you may be experiencing...Shane can provide insight and relief. He offers modalities that address our human issues at the deepest level rather than other therapies that simply act as a "band-aid". He is highly skilled in each area and presents a personal style of warmth, genuineness and comfort. I highly recommend him"! 

- T F Ahwatukee AZ

"I went to see Shane for a session and I really had too many things to work on, so I wasn’t sure what to start with. Shane helped me look at all of them being interconnected and we started the session. I believe it lasted for one or two hours, it felt safe, loved and very peaceful. When I left his office, one hour later I noticed changes started to happen and since then (three weeks ago) I lost 11 lbs, found my boundaries with people and started working a lot. I am grateful for Shane’s loving support and I will recommend him to anyone who needs help".

- Diana G Mesa AZ

"Shane's consistent dedication to the service of others seems to be one of the most important factors when looking for guidance from someone.  I highly recommend Shane to anyone seeking help with problems they may be having in their personal life or for guidance with their spiritual life.  I have attended 4-5 of his silent meditation retreats as well as several of his classes held at the Meditation Learning Center.  These events as well as many private sessions with Shane have improved the quality of my life and I continue to seek out Shane on a regular basis".

- Bruce, Mesa AZ


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