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"In 2012 I was invited to create and perform an event that consisted of a video that was to capture what one might experience when in a particular brain wave pattern such as Alph, Theta, Beta, and Delta. The video was played on a giant screen with myself standing in front this screen, providing live music.The result came to be called "Balance" and was the beginning of my interest in screenplay and writing soundtracks. This involved a great deal of visualization and creativity I found that for there to be a soundtrack, one must create a motion picture first within the mind , then on paper, transferred into video and then performed. This is why I often ask the listener of my music to describe the images that the music is suggesting, much like asking, 'What picture is this music painting for you?'"

MUSIC - My Story

I began playing guitar at age eight and spent many years turing after studying Classical guitar at the university of South Dakota and Jazz guitar at Wichita State University. Music was always my outlet and a primary tool for healing along with meditation. The two practices (Guitar and Meditation) were look at as identical practices for me and I took both very seriously and with great joy although as life would have it, in 2014 I took a break. I had been playing the same venue (same location) night after night, and after 14 years of this I found that I got burnt out on the music and the business.  The end result was that I literally stopped playing the guitar for five years. 

In 2020 I decided to pull out some of my guitars, clean them up, take pictures, and sell them. In the process what actually happened was, I realized that I could not sell them and I got re-introduced to the guitar and fell in love with it all over again, although this time around, I wanted the relationship with the music to be different, I didn't want to go back to playing the same music or the same way, So I completely changed my approach to the instrument in order to force myself to re-learn the guitar, to start a-new and fresh. I wanted a new approach that would not allow me to go back to the same patterns and approach that I had used in the past. I re-tuned the guitar to C.G.C.F.G.C. and began playing exclusively with a right hand finger technique (finger style) on a nylon string guitar with an array of effects to enhance the sound. With these changes I could move forward with discovery and inspiration. 

Much of my music could be compared to the soundtrack of a movie, or the sound track of life as a prefer to think.  There are influences of jazz, classical, and ambiance or perhaps we could say atmospheric intentions.  I try to play for the moment as much as possible, meaning that I pay attention to the character of the listener when playing live, and the atmosphere of the place or the environment of which I am performing at.

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Let's talk about creating an unforgettable ambiance at your venue.

Experience the therapeutic power of sound with our Soundscape performance, featuring live guitar music designed to promote relaxation and healing. Whether you are hosting a gathering or creating an ambiance for your venue or art exhibit, our performance will enhance the atmosphere and provide a unique experience for your guests. Listen to the soothing sounds and let the healing begin.

Our Soundscape performance offers a unique healing sound experience that is perfect for any art gallery, gathering or event. The combination of live guitar music and ambient soundscapes creates an immersive environment that will transport your guests to a peaceful and meditative state. Let's talk about creating an unforgettable ambiance at your venue.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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