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Wednesday Evening Meditation Group Gathering

Every Wednesday Evening


Join Shane Wilson for "Wednesday evening meditation"

Free of charge - Donations appreciated

In its 10th Year

This group meets Live every  Wednesday evenings 7:00 - 8:30 P.M.
@ The Meditation Learning Center - 1030 W 9th Street, Mesa AZ

We use youtube to stream the Wednesday Evening Meditation Gatherings. Go to ( to view the live stream on Wednesday evenings. You can also view the edited recording by linking in and following the youtube channel. so if you can join live Wonderful, if you miss a night or would like to view other evenings of meditation you can do so as well by following this link; (  please subscribe if you would like reminders about the streams and videos.

In its 10th Year, the Wednesday Evening Meditation covers a wide variety of topics all related to meditation and spiritual practices. 

Get Started Correctly - Accelerate Your Established Practice - How Does Meditation Fit Into Your Life

Offering one-on-one sessions in the instruction of meditation/ mindfulness and spiritual counseling. With over 20 years of experience helping meditators start their practice and/or maintain it. Personal instruction is an option that helps remove the guesswork.

Many prefer to learn in a private setting, others have advance questions pertaining to their established practice. 

Call Today and see if this fits your needs. 480-513-7747

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