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 Free of Charge Guided Meditation- Every Wednesday 7pm - AZ time


Insight Timer Live

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Weekly meditation gatherings designed to give your private practice that sometimes needed boost. You will find some encouraging words from Shane's several decades of teaching, grounding guided meditation, and moments of deep-still-silence. Join us each Wednesday.

Insight Timer Live - Free Live Meetings - Each Wednesday Evening 7:00 PM MST / AZ time

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Weekly Meetings 

My mission is to help each of us raise our level of consciousness. Typically, the average person raises their level of consciousness very little in one lifetime. This is an indication that only a few lessons are actually ever learned in one life. The resistance to change or growth is considerable, and most humans don’t even realize what was happening. In many cases most people would rather die then alter the beliefs that confine them to a lower level of consciousness. This can be changed. It starts with presence and moment to moment awareness.


 Consciousness is truth, and it is the real or ultimate truth. This is so because it doesn’t respond to the ego, it only responds to truth itself. This can be better understood by the fact that our bodies will grow strong to that which is helpful to ourselves and others, and it will go weak to that which is harmful. Meditation is  a practice were we can detect this truth first hand. This is done through direct experience of mind and body. As with all experience, when done in the stillness of presence (meditation) it becomes amplified. 

Visit Shane on Insight Timer Live For Weekly Meditation Practice:

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