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Recall and Create is a life changing practice that is easy to do but should be done daily. I encourage everyone to try this amazing practice for 21 days straight, you will see positive change.

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The Recall and Create Practice 

The following is a detailed explanation of the meditation practice ‘Recall and Create’, a three step process that involves imagery, memory, and foresight. It is a method to more clearly understand who we are at a much deeper level than previously imagined. The practice provides a look at where we have been, what we are currently dealing with, and what we can look forward to in the days ahead.

When we mix time management with concentration, we create a truly life changing formula. The following practice is a combination of a method of time management, and a method of visualization that recalls yesterday and creates our today. If this is done daily, it will change your world in extraordinary ways. It truly has to be experienced to be believed, here's a shortlist of what this practice can do for you:

  • You will see exactly where your time is going.

  • You will no longer say that you do not have enough time.

  • You will get much more done in a shorter amount of time.

  • Your creativity level will go through the roof.

  • You will realize your limitlessness (your limitless capacity to create and accomplish).

  • You will feel more organized.

  • You will spend more time feeling complete, less time struggling.

  • People close to you will understand why you need moments alone.

  • Your concentration will improve.

  • You will have more direction in life.

  • You will understand why time seemed to fly by.

  • You will be happier and feel lighter about all aspects of life.

  • You'll understand the importance of practice, and what it truly means to accomplish.

  • You will be able to easily plan your days, and your life.

  • You will start each day a new. (a clean slate)

  • You will more easily forgive yourself and others.

  • Your acceptance of all negativity will increase.

  • People will be attracted to you.

  • You will be attracted to you.

  • What you learn about life will be retained.

  • Letting go will become a daily lesson.

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