Shane Wilson

Pastoral Counselor/Therapist

Shane Wilson

Shane has a passion for meditation / mindfulness and has enjoyed teaching this practice for over 30 years. He is a certified grief recovery specialist, and a pastoral counselor. He uses a combination of techniques including meditation, and other therapeutic techniques that have been proven to allow his clients to live complete and full lives.

In 2001 Shane established the Meditation Learning Center located in Mesa Arizona. In 2013 he created the "Meditation Teacher Training Program", a global meditation teacher certification program that has assisted thousands of meditators to become teachers, helping to further spread the practice of meditation throughout the world.


He provides numerous workshops and assists people as a personal therapist. He has written two books "Meditation, The Great Teacher… the Practice of Going Within,” and "Minding The Breath…a Detailed Study of Mindfulness of Breathing”.

His formal education includes: Wichita State University, University of South Dakota, Rio Salado Community College, Esalen Institute, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Northern State University, Northwestern school of Technology, Grief Recovery Institute. He has been an instructor and clinician at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. 

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