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Ten Week Online Program

Mastering Your Emotions 

and Creating Your Future

Saturday Mornings Starting January 9th 2021 - 10:00 -11:00 am 

(For ten consecutive weeks) ONLINE

These will be zoomed gatherings

Offered By:

Shane Wilson and The Meditation Learning Center

Our emotions are an essential element of being a human. Every choice we make is fueled by our emotions, either consciously or subconsciously. This 10 week program offers insight into what our emotions are beyond our common and current perception and beliefs, how they affect our world and the purpose they serve. We will look at how to navigate and use this vital part of our human experience by turning to the fields of psychology, spirituality and the expansion of consciousness. We will explore our emotions and how we can use contemplative and meditative strategies for soothing the nervous system, and to assist in mastering these visitors of our emotional world. We will then use this understanding to design an inspiring and complete future. 


Lesson 1

Discovering our Emotions. 


To know that the subconscious mind represses and the conscious can suppresses our emotions as a way of protecting us is key. When this is done we unfortunately do not get an opportunity to work with our emotions in a way that we can use them for personal growth and healing.


Lesson 2 

A Deeper Investigation of your Emotions.


Once our hidden or dormant emotions are found we can then learn more about them. What do they mean? And what are they trying to tell us. There is so much valuable information to be found, unfortunately we are often reluctant to dive into this area of life but once investigated, the rewards are plenty.


Lesson 3 

The Language of the Body.


The body does not lie. Working with the body and understanding its language is key in the mind / body communication. By reading the body, we learn a very important lesson as to what it has been likely trying to tell us for years. The body is a super intelligent area of who we are at the deepest level.


Lesson 4

Acceptance of What Is and of What Is Not.


Nothing can happen without it first being accepted. Any action that is taken, for or against something, must first be accepted as being the correct decision, and the right thing to do. The truth must first be accepted.


Lesson 5

Letting Go, The Pathway of Surrender.


To let go means to have no strong emotion about a thing: It’s okay if it happens, and it’s okay if it doesn’t. When we are free, there is a letting go of attachments. We can enjoy a thing, but we Don’t need it for our personal happiness.


Lesson 6

Inspiration as Happiness


When we look at our personal achievements we can become inspired with life. Inspiration can be created by something that we can recall, like our personal moments of achievement. In doing so, the feeling of inspiration can be created. When we remember our greatness, we feel this inside as a state of inspiration. The result is that we can use this as a tool for accomplishment.


Lesson 7

Using the Subconscious to Find our Purpose in Life, You’re Calling.


What does it mean to know or even have a life’s purpose? Is everyone born with one? Does everyone have a predestined purpose in life and they ether find it or they don’t? In this lesson we will look further into these questions, and learn how to discover our purpose in life. 


Lesson 8

Taking On Our Roles In Life


The benefits of role playing among children are fundamental in enhancing skills required for
healthy development. As adults we do role-play without even realizing it, such as when called upon to do something that we are unfamiliar with, or something that is challenging for us. This role-play can be very important in guiding us through life, particularly in areas of achievement. 


Lesson 9 

Using the Tools of Contemplation and Meditation to Remember and Create. 


When we mix a type of time management with concentration, we can create a truly life changing formula. We soon realize that we are actually living each moment more thoroughly by being more aware of our time and how we are using it. We become more aware and more mindful. 


Lesson 10

Understanding Practices


Practices are generally a created opportunity for us to repeatedly perform an activity with the intention for it to be used naturally and easily in the future to enhance our life. In this final lesson we will look at the many practices we have done in this program as well as look at some new practices and related tools.


Shane wilson the teacher of this program is the founder of the Meditation Learning Center and has been a teacher and a practitioner of meditation for more that thirty years. A Buddhist minister and former Buddhist monk, Shane uses meditation along with other modalities as a tool to share with others how they can heal and enhance all aspects of life. A counselor, musician and author, Shane dedicates his life to helping others find peace of mind in daily living, what he calls a complete life.  Register below or follow this link:

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