Low Cost  Method for Long Term Wellness 

Consistent personal counseling/therapy is a 
wonderful way to work through life's situations and to make
lasting change.

Studies have shown that longer meetings are not always necessary and may be a disadvantage for many people and that shorter meetings can often have much more impact and less stress involvement. The reason for this is that by working in shorter time frames, what is said and worked with ,has more meaning and is more easily remembered and used in ones healing. It is very common for a person to remember a few meaningful phrases rather than a 40 to 60 minute conversation. Shorter, consistent one on one meetings work best particularly when doing a program or working through long term emotional changes. For many treatments it is suggested that the client have as many as 15 to 20 sessions and in some situations up to 30 sessions in order to feel better. https://www.apa.org/ptsd-guideline/patients-and-families/length-treatment this is simply not possible for many people to do.

Now being offered is a Limited Member Tier through our Patreon.com web page. These meetings and this system has been designed to offer low cost, one-on-one meetings. The meetings are done online through zoom or over the phone, and is a service that anyone can use for most any reason. Please note that space is very limited, although once the client is registered there place is held steadfast until they decide they no longer need the service.

Why do we use the Patreon site? Patreon is a very easy to use site that is extremely reliable and offers an opportunity to easily send PDF, video and audio files,  and offers a clean means of communication between a group of people or individuals. We use the Patreon site as a vehicle to get information to you on regular intervals so that you can easily store and use the files and recordings.

This new method in counseling is called Essential Meditation and Counseling - Patreon #4, with this program you receive weekly audio and video recordings, and personal coaching / counseling. This new approach to counseling provides consistent meetings with much less cost compared to normal rates. In addition you can schedule your own appointments. These phone or zoom meetings can be used for advice or to help you with your meditation / inquiry practice. You can use this for counseling / therapy sessions and programs that can be set up to work in specific problematic areas of life and /or to work with practices such as meditation. Sessions are 20 minutes in length and can be scheduled as often as two times per month and are scheduled by you. This is a stress free alternative to expensive one on one sessions with no travel and much less stress. You will be working with Shane Wilson directly and you can work in any area of life's experiences, making the long term changes that are needed and wanted to make life complete in every way imaginable. All you will need is an internet connection so you can receive materials and schedule appointments. 

This is being offered to a limited number of people, if interested register soon by going to https://www.patreon.com/shane_wilson and register for Essential Meditation and Counseling - Patreon level #4 - there is no obligation and you can stop at any time -  for questions email Shane@MeditationLearningCenter.com

Lasting Change Takes Consistent Steps. - This program helps provide this.

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