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What People are saying!


"Excellent programs in all areas of mediation and insight. Innate sense for personal/family ministerial duties. Strong fundamental organisation development. Continued enthusiastic faith and devotion".

“I cannot say enough good things about Shane Wilson. I have been studying under Shane and sitting with him for some time now, and my life has changed significantly as a result. Additionally, I am a graduate of the Meditation Teacher Training Program he created. This program is offered at the Meditation Learning Center in Mesa, Az. Going through this thorough course not only deepened my own practice, but helped prepare me for work instructing seniors and other people in our community. Additionally, Shane has come to speak at the senior living community I work at and the elderly residents there just adore him. He is a good teacher and a gifted public speaker that puts people immediately at ease. He has also done team building and meditation training with our management team. He has a way about him that enables him to get people to open up readily and allows them to be open to new information, personal growth and a variety of insights".

"Whatever challenge you may be experiencing...Shane can provide insight and relief. He offers modalities that address our human issues at the deepest level rather than other therapies that simply act as a "band-aid". He is highly skilled in each area and presents a personal style of warmth, genuineness and comfort. I highly recommend him"! - T F Ahwatukee AZ

"I went to see Shane for a session and I really had too many things to work on, so I wasn’t sure what to start with. Shane helped me look at all of them being interconnected and we started the session. I believe it lasted for one or two hours, it felt safe, loved and very peaceful. When I left his office, one hour later I noticed changes started to happen and since then (three weeks ago) I lost 11 lbs, found my boundaries with people and started working a lot. I am grateful for Shane’s loving support and I will recommend him to anyone who needs help". - Diana G Mesa AZ

"Shane's consistent dedication to the service of others seems to be one of the most important factors when looking for guidance from someone.  I highly recommend Shane to anyone seeking help with problems they may be having in their personal life or for guidance with their spiritual life.  I have attended 4-5 of his silent meditation retreats as well as several of his classes held at the Meditation Learning Center.  These events as well as many private sessions with Shane have improved the quality of my life and I continue to seek out Shane on a regular basis". - Bruce, Mesa AZ

"Shane is very kind and compassionate. He spent extra time with me to work through my issue. I would recommend him - especially to anyone new to hypnotherapy. He is a blessing!"   Celeste L - Mesa AZ

"Finding and working with Shane was a gift, He helped me when I was at the bottom and he took me to the top". - Jamie, Scottsdale AZ

"I had the pleasure of getting to know Shane through weekly mediation sessions that he hosts at the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center. Through his meditation instruction and the warmth of the community he has facilitated growing, I was inspired to deepen my practice through his Meditation Learning Center. I decided to work with Shane one-on-on to obtain personal coaching to help me to reach my meditation goals. I feel my practice shifting under his gentle guidance and it has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Further, I feel very supported by the underlying community involved at the center. I continue to work with Shane and know I've selected a gifted person to help me on my path".Jeanette C.- Phoenix, AZ

"I found that the Meditation and other work including Hypnotherapy with Shane to be one of the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life, I highly suggest him if you have a even a mild interest in meditation and enjoying life more" - Connie, Phoenix AZ

" I felt better the moment I met him, and even better by the time I left " - Hellen L. in Mesa

"Your meditation course has provided me with an awareness of the constant mind clutter that I experience and be able to focus instead on the breath. As a result, I am able to rid my mind of judgmental and obsessive thoughts before I needlessly spend time dwelling in the past and worrying about the future. I can now live in the present moment. I know that this process will take time and I hope to continue my daily meditation practice so that I can feel at peace for the rest of my life. Thank you for introducing me to meditation and spending time with our group. I hope to participate in one of your future retreats. - Laura S

"I really feel renewed. You have no idea what kind of impact you've made on my life in the last few years. I am ever grateful that I met you because I'm in a much better place than when I first came to you. And I believing that I'm constantly healing and getting better. Thank you for always being kind and listening to my craziness". - Ryan, Chandler AZ
"Shane is one of the awakened human beings that walk this earth to help others. He is a true Bodhisattva - someone who are here to help people to awaken to their true nature, to ease the suffering. He learns and utilizes in his work various modalities, and uses what corresponds the most with his client at this moment. His understanding of the human mind and mind habits with the skills he holds help people to break through the most deep seated blocks that holds them from achieving what they want in life. I worked with Shane with meditation and with hypnosis, and both of his skills are excellent. He possesses a rare calmness and loving kindness that can stem only from being truly rooted in the depth of the human spirit and a heart space. Even being around him has calming effect, but if you allow him to guide you in meditation or hypnotherapy session, you will get to the depth of your problem that can be resolved on the level of the unconscious mind. From the first time when I met him I felt appreciation for his being, reverence to his understanding of human condition and wonder of his humbleness and simplicity. Thank you, Shane, for walking this journey with many of us". - Elena V., New York
"Shane is truly awesome at meditation instruction! I have seen him several times over the past year for guided meditations and for help with stress management. I always leave our sessions in a better mood and feeling more relaxed. Shane has helped me learn how to meditate on my own and really cares about my progress. He also sends recordings of our guided meditations so that I can listen to them again at a later time. I recommend Shane to all of my clients and friends who are dealing with stress".
- Kelly , Chandler AZ

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