Shane Wilson

Pastoral Counselor/Therapist

Working Together 


Working one on one provides the opportunity for you to discover and understand the healing qualities that are available to you, and gives me the chance to share these tools directly.

When working with an individual and after first determining the core reasons for our meeting, we would then look at your past, I believe that we must first see what the problem is and where it originated from in order to know what we are working with.  We would then investigate the problem or situation in order to fully understand it, this can be surprisingly easy and at times difficult and deep work but, it is essential. Once it is understood through investigation, the next steps are to accept the situation, and then eventually, to let go. Some of this work may include meditation and some may involve other practices or modalities such as Subconscious Intervention, or  grief recovery. The determination of how we work together depends on each individual situation and is determined by whether one feels something is missing or needs to be changed or if something has to be removed from ones life. 

Many of the different steps and practices that are taken in order to gain control in life are designed to open up and allow a communication between the active thinking conscious mind, and the unconscious or subconscious aspect of who we are. With these practices we are able to take an honest look at our behaviors, beliefs, and the desired changes that we would like to make. we often come to find that we must involve working with the subconscious and our past conditioning in order to understand the hindrances and the deeply rooted problems preventing our happiness and at times our very survival in life.


This can be achieved through communication with the subconscious with meditation, mindfulness and a step by step approach to understanding the impediments to our ability to feel complete in life. These are approaches that I teach you, so that you can accept and heal in every area of life.


The sessions can be used for working through personal issues that may be standing in one's way of feeling complete in life and to quickly get beyond daily stress and limiting thoughts. The sessions are tailored to your specific needs and situations  while always keeping in mind your uniqueness.


I work with people that what to learn more about themselves, as well as with those that have found themselves in difficult life situations. These may include general stress and anxiety, relationship issues, abandonment or loss, difficulties with fear or anger, spotting and dispelling limiting beliefs, addictions,  and those with an interest in spiritual awakening.


Personal instruction and guidance is an easy option that can fit into anyone’s schedule, lifestyle and budget. The work we do together can provide the clarity that is needed to get that extra jump on life. To leave behind what should and can be let go of and then filling it in with direction, inspiration and a sense of accomplishment.


Please click on "A New Approach In Care" you will then want to go to the booking page 'Book Appointment' if you would like more information or a clarification about pricing details and about doing this work on the phone/skype/zoom. Send an email to or call 480-513-7747 and mention that you would like more information about private sessions. or use the contact form on this site.